August 3, 2020

Such a sweet soul, this horse named Shiloh.  This picture was taken a few years back in Colorado while I visited my sister with my family.  Shiloh is my sister’s horse.  The little girl is my animal loving, super- sensitive, and caring daughter.  You can see the connection between them… nothing like the love between a girl and a horse!

But this horse has had a rough past.  An off-the-track racehorse, Shiloh’s early years were not easy.  Pressured to compete from an early age, he experienced emotional trauma and abuse.  He quit racing when he was 5 years old and changed hands several times.  My sister came into his life when he was 13, and took ownership of him when he was 15 years old.  When my sister met him, he w...

November 9, 2018

For as long as I can remember, I have felt “different.”  As a child, I couldn’t explain how I just knew things or why I was compelled to physically touch those who I felt were in emotional or physical pain.  I was amazed when thoughts or dreams that I had would happen days later.  In my teens as my gifts expanded, I was frightened by the voices that I could hear, knowing that they were not my own, and the “sightings” of beings that were not of this earthly plane.  I kept it all a secret, fearing that if anyone knew what was going on with me, they would surely fit me for a straight-jacket and lock me up.

In my adult years, I learned more about my gifts of spiritual intuition, called clairs. There are 6, coinciding w...

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